Kubernetes Persistent Volumes with NFS

Before I could spin up my bitnami/wordpress helm chart I needed to configure support for persistent volume in my K8s environment. The wordpress deployment comes with two persistant volume claims, one for the MariaDB pod and the second for the WordPress pod.
I am running my K8s workers as VMs on my vSphere environment, and thought about using my underlying VMFS datastores as vSphere Storage provider in K8s, but decided I wanted to go with NFS instead as I had an NFS server already up and running (FreeNas) with enough storage to support this plus more. So I headed out in a quest to find some good explanations on how to acheive this and came over this blog:
https://levelup.gitconnected.com/how-to-use-nfs-in-kubernetes-cluster-method-2-73df4efb4c00 which I followed (with some minor adjustments I will comment later on) and worked out very well 😉

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