This is my first blog-site. The information created and shared here will be focused around Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC).

I have created this site for the following purposes:

* Wikis, howtos, tips/trick and troubleshooting issues mainly within my own field of competence, as a contribution back to the community for all the help they have given me over the years. Which has been, and still is, very appreciated. I can not stop being thankful for all the people out there willing to help out others by sharing their knowledge and work.

All views expressed on this site is solely my own personal views, not my employer or partners.

Senior Solution Engineer @VMware. Been working as an IT consultant since 2004. Where my key areas were delivering professional services on VMware solutions specializing in VMware vSphere, VMware NSX, VSAN, DR-solutions and Hybrid-Cloud. Were also involved in some cool VDI solutions with VMware Horizon and 3D graphics. Some of my certifications are VCIX-DCV, VCIX-NV.

Areas of interest in addition to the above: GNU/Linux, OpenSource solutions, BSD, DiY projects, home-automation etc..

Hobbies of interests includes (but not limited to): MotoGP (1 of millions waiting for Valentino Rossi to take his 10th Championship), Motorcycles, Jet-Fighters, everything radiocontrolled, IoT, everything with the ability to communicate in one way or the other. Even a washing machine in some degree if it can connect to the internet…. 😉